WordPress Is Not Just A Piece Of Software But A Way Of Life

I suppose most people look at WordPress as just another program they use to make web sites. There is nothing really special about it. Just make some pages and posts by adding some text, images and videos. A few plugins to do something for the site and a theme that is responsive and is up to the task.

For others, WordPress takes on an importance to their lives. Their businesses depend upon WordPress’s performance. These folks become clients to designers and developers. A successful user experience is tantamount to the success of their business.

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Then there’s a different group. The ones who have felt the power of the WordPress community. Go to any WordCamp and you’ll see what I mean. The WP community is inclusive, engaging and there to enrich the lives of all who use this most wondrous software that has been – and continues to be – developed by so many souls who work on it just out of love.

For those people – and I include myself in this group – WordPress is not just software. It’s a way of life.

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