WordPress Group Therapy

We’re waiting for you to join us in a fun, free and helpful session to get you feeling great about your website. 

Next session: June 2022 at Noon EDT

Free And Live Help For Your WordPress Website

wordpress therapy

Anxious About Your Website?

Get together with others to get feedback on your website before it’s launched or if it si already online. Nothing like a freshe yes to help you with your site..

Need A Little Inspiration?

We all do if we get stuck in a rut.  Your insturoct Bud Kraus will provide some tips 

wordpress group therapy feedback

How About some group Feedback?

We all do when making our websites. Maybe your navigation is a mess or you just don’t know what plug or theme to use.

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Once I receive your information I’ll get back to you with the cost of your training. My typical fee is between $125 – $200 for the session.

If you’re good with what I tell you then I’ll send you an invoice and we will schedule a time to do your training. 

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