What Makes For An Awesome Client?

Making a web site is a multidisciplinary collaborative effort. No one works on an island even if it’s just two people.

So let me get a little personal and share my thoughts on a subject I have given much thought to over the years.

What’s behind the magic of a great client relationship?

I come to the table with My Pledge To You. This is what a client gets by default from me.

But what does a client bring that leads to a productive and satisfying relationship?

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1. They Trust Me

A great client has confidence in me that I will do exactly what I promise in my Agreement.

Right from the beginning of our collaboration, my clients know that I’m on the job and attentive. They never have to email me with a “Did you do this yet…?” kind of question. They know I am working on their behalf and realize that I take working on their site as seriously as if it were my own.

They know I will take care to ensure that they will be billed correctly and that I’ll keep track of sums paid and owed.

2. They Move Forward By Making Decisions

People who can’t make decisions or change their minds after they’ve made one, are not good customers. I won’t say which ones, but certain professions have a habit of never coming to a decision. Web development is very much a decision-making process where one has to decided yes or no many times.

As a corollary, the best clients don’t sweat the small stuff. They know that web sites have imperfections and, if a little thing is off, they’ll still re-launch and fix it later.

3. They Live Up To Their End Of The Deal

This implies far more than paying the bill – promptly or otherwise.

Good clients provide needed materials on a timely basis so I can move towards finishing their project.

If they say, “I’ll work on this part of the site and have it done by the end of the week so you can finish what you are doing,” they get it done.

4. Good Clients Do Not Lose Their Credentials

Sounds silly but the biggest waste of time I have to deal with is when clients can’t keep track of their user names and passwords. That’s even after I show them an easy way to do so.

Unbelievable clients give me the credentials that I need access to when they open any account – without me having to ask!

Ah, the little things in life.

Summing Up

There is nothing like a client who understands and appreciates the value of a happy collaboration. If you’re one of those people, you know I’ve already thanked you

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