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2: Installing A WordPress Site With A Typical Web Host

Running Time:  4:47

Here I’m using Bluehost to install WordPress into one of my domains.

While each web host has a different way to install WordPress, there are common elements to setting up a new WP site no matter which host you use.

If you like what you see and want to use Bluehost check out what I have to say about them.

Transcript Of This Video

I’m now going to install WordPress into a typical web host, and this is Bluehost. What you’re about to see is going to be very similar no matter what web host you use, with some exceptions. Before I do the installation, I want you to see this, which is here’s where the web site’s going to go. It’s a domain called This domain happens to be registered with Bluehost, it could be registered elsewhere, but it’s convenient to be registered with the company that’s going to be hosting my site. So, I’m going to log in and click over here on “Login.” It takes me to the login screen, and we get to what they call the “C-panel,” control panel or C-panel, and there’s a million things that will distract your attention, but I’m not going to do that. I’m going to take you right over here, and because Bluehost is the host to so many WordPress websites. They have this link right over here, “WordPress tools,” and I have a lot of domains registered with Bluehost and different websites with Bluehost. But I want to use that Woo Guitars domain for the place where I’m going to install WordPress, and I’m going to go over here to “New install.”

I’m going to look for the Woo Guitar site, or the Woo Guitar domain because there’s no site there yet. Here we go, Woo Guitars. OK. I’m not going to put it in a specific folder, so I’m just going to leave this empty. I don’t have to do anything with “Path.” I could give it a site title now, let’s just call it “My site.” I could always change this later, OK. It doesn’t really matter what I call it right now. Now the admin name, that’s important because you can’t change this. Be careful. I’m just going to use my email address, That’ll be fine. The password which you can change, I’m just going to use what I would call a very weak password, which is something that’s going to be OK for showing you how to do this. “Admin email,” very important. Because if for any reason I get locked out, or I forget my password, I have to reset my password and I want to make sure I get that right. So, pay attention to the credentials that you’re going to use to set up. Remember again, admin password can always be reset. They say it’s a one-click operation, so this will take a minute or two.

Let’s have a look. What do you know? A brand new out of the box WordPress website with the most current theme as of the moment. This is the 2019 theme, but of course, I want to get into the admin, so how do I do that? I could look for a link, and I don’t know if they have it with this theme, so you can go right in. Yes. “Meta,” “Log in.” OK, and I’m going to use my username and password. I think that would be the right password. Let’s log in to the dashboard, and they’ve got all kinds of stuff going on which I can’t stand, prompting you to do this that and the other thing. I generally will do this– Not generally, I will always go over here to plugins, and I will take out all these plugins because I don’t– Look at this. They install all these plugins for you, half of them I don’t know, don’t need, don’t want. So I’ll first deactivate all the plugins and make sure they’re deactivated, then I will delete all these plugins. Of course, I can add anything back that I want at any other time, so I will delete and get rid of all this stuff that they add on. Different hosts will add different plugins by the way, when you install WordPress. That’s not standard, what you just saw. Then I’ll go over here and check in on the theme, and I got all these 20 themes. Just three, and the current one is being used. 2019, of course, I can change to any theme I want, and with that, if I go over to the dashboard, I like to see a nice clean dashboard. This is the way WordPress should look out of the box, without all those messages. Of cou

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