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3: Setting Up Your Menu

Running Time:  6:08

Setting your menu – your site’s navigation – is one of the most important and fun things you do with WP.

Different themes have different locations on the page where the menu appears. This theme – TwentySeventeen – has 2 different locations. I’ve seen premium themes have up to 4 different locations where you can place your menu.

After you’ve saved and set up your menu you’ll want to go to Appearance > Menu to add the page. If you ever remove a page from the site you’ll also need to go to the Meny section to remove the item.

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Transcript Of This Video

We’ve come to one of the cooler things that WordPress can do, and that is to setup your site’s menu. Or if you prefer, your site’s navigation. That’s where we’re going to have these links that will go, in this case, all the way across here. For this theme, the navigation runs horizontal across the top. Different themes will set your navigation interface in different places. Again, if I look at the prototype, this is what I’m talking about. This is the navigation that we’re now going to add to this.

So, into here we go. Now because menus are so important, you can jump right down to “Menus.” I’m not going to do it that way, because you may not find it again. So let’s go into “Dashboard” and let’s go into “Appearance.” Because it does deal with the appearance of your site, you’ll find it under the “Appearance” section, “Menus.”

All right, first thing you need to do in setting up your menu is to give it a name, because websites can have different menus. This one happens to say “Starter” at the top. I don’t know exactly why it’s there, so I’m just going to give it a different name. I don’t always know everything, or maybe I did something before and didn’t take it out, but let’s do that. I’m just going to call it “Main menu.” We can do that. All right, it seems to pop up over here. “Main menu” is fine. Key thing is to give it a name that makes some sense. Now, “Create menu” or “Start menu.” There we go. So I clicked on that, and I saved the menu. OK, now I’m going to go over here where it says “Pages” over here, and I’m going to select the pages that I want to have in my menu.

Let’s do this like this. I’m just going to select all of them, so we can see “Video” “Lightbox” all these that I’ve already created, “Blog” “Content” “Harvest” all that stuff. OK, and then the all important “Add menu.” So each one of these blocks that you see, these little rectangular shapes, each one of these rectangular boxes can be dragged and dropped into position, and that will create the menu.

So, I’m just going to hold this with my mouse and drag it right over here. “Home” would be at the top. The next one was the “Plant” page, so let’s drag it up over here. OK. This is fun. Like I said, it’s one of the cooler things you can do. I’m also going to take the “Prep” and drag that into place. Sometimes it’s a little weird working with the drag and drop, so there is an alternative way of getting things into position. You can click on the chevron over here, and if you notice over here says, “Move up one.”

OK, so I’m going to– Or I’m just going to click on– Yeah, I can move it all the way to– Let’s do that. Let’s move it to the top, and you’ll see what happens. Now “Harvest” is at the top. That’s OK. Let’s just close this little chevron, but I don’t want “Harvest” to be the first link I wanted to be after “Prep,” so I’m just going to move it down this way. That is a way to move these things around besides dragging and dropping, which you might want to do if have a long list. Then I have “Videos” “Lightbox” “WP Standard” “Blog”, OK. I’m going to keep all of them just the way they are, you can pretty much tell you could always change the order, but what I have to do over here is all important. Make sure you save this, OK? Now it’s saved. Then before you jump out to take a look, don’t do that quite yet, go over here to the “Manage locations” tab. This particular theme allows me to set the menu in two different locations. Now I’m not too sure about the social links menu, but I am very certain about the top menu, so I am going to– It already put it in there for me, “Main menu.” I’m just in this case just checking, and if I had come to this page and it very well could have said “Select a menu,” I’d have to do just that. OK, so make sure I have “Main menu” in here. You get the feeling with that drop down that you could have other menus, and yes you can. You only have one menu that I’ve created so far, and that’s the main menu. I’m going to save what I did, and now I can take a look. What do you know? Here are all of my links in the order that I set in the menu on the previous page. If I click on “Plant,” you can see the plant page, Or if I click on “Prep–” I didn’t put that in the right order, did I? Let me get that straightened out. “Harvest” is OK. These over here, now these should be drop downs. These three over here, we will get to that. Then I have the blog, and I have “Contact” so let me go right into over here, and let me go to the menus. “Appearance,” “Menus,” and let’s fix that. “Plant” shouldn’t be there, let’s drag this back into position– Or, into position what I want. Now let’s click “Save,” and we’ll be OK. Now it’s in the right order, OK. “Prep” “Plant,” etc. Again I’m not worried about these three links here, the “Videos” “Lightbox” and “WP Standard” because that will be dealt with in a subsequent video when I talk about creating a drop down menu.

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