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5: Adding A Second Page

Running Time:  7:19

I build the second page of my site which is a lot like the home page so this will be a bit of a review.

Towards the end I trash the Sample Page that comes with every new WP site. When you trash something you can always get it back from your trash just like you can when you trash a file on your computer.

Transcript Of This Video

Here I am on the site that I’m building, and this is the home page, the page that I created in the previous video. I’ve yet to add any of the links or the navigation for my site. What am I referring to? If we go over here to the site that’s finished, the prototype site, you can see I have all these links over here, and that’s what I’m talking about.

Right now all I’ve got is this page over here. It technically isn’t the home page, and the home page still is– Until I change some things around, right over here, a blog post. But I’m going to add another page, and the one I’m going to add is going to be a little similar. I’ll deviate a little bit, but it’s going to be similar to this. What I’m going to do is something a little bit different. I’m just going to copy all of my copy right from here, to show you that you could take a web page– Which I’m doing right now, and I’m going to copy this.

Normally I don’t do this, but I’m going to do it now because I want to make it a little bit different. I’m going to add a page, so I’m going to do this, and we’re going to call this page “Prep.” I’m going to paste it right in over here. Wow. Now, look at this. It looks like the image is in my page. It’s not. This is something that you have to be very careful of when you do what I just did. That’s the reason why I’m doing this.

This image is not in my media library. Let me prove to you what I’m talking about. This has been saved, that’s fine. If I go over to the media library, you’re just going to see one image so far, that image of me. So, what’s going on here? What I did was when I copied it from the other site, the prototype site, all I’m doing is referring to that site, and that site is providing this image. So if that site were to go down, or if I remove the image from that site, then this would disappear too.

It’s not a good practice to do what I just did. Text is fine, but not the image. So, I’m going to take the image out. I’ll put it back, but right now I’m going to take this image out because this image as it is right now totally relies on the existence of the prototype site. Not a good practice. So let’s take this out. OK, perfect.

All right, I’m going to add the image correctly. What I will do is, it goes in just about over here. Let’s just put it in over there. I’m going to look for my image block, just like this, and if I don’t want to drag it in here, I could do it by just going to “Upload an image,” and searching for it on my computer. You know what I’m talking about, no doubt you know how to navigate through your computer. Or I could also do this, I could go to my media library, and I could drag it into here. Which I will.

I’m going to go over here, go to images, go to the tiller, drag in the tiller. I could, right from here, I could add right here into alternative text description, “Alt text,” but I’m not going to do that. I don’t want to have a title, so I’ll take that title out. Now that’s going to be a title that’s going to be in the code of the page, so I don’t care too much about that. But here I would normally put in the word “Image of a tiller.” But I’m going to save some time and not do it.

OK, now this image is actually in my media library. Very important, but I don’t want it there, I want it aligned over to the right. So let’s do that. I want to also resize it, and you know how to do that. Just click on the image, and I’m going to resize it like this, and that’s a little bit better. Now I want to add a heading– Or more specifically, a subhead. Headings or subheads are very important to break up the content of your page and give your readers an understanding of what’s coming.

You know about headings and subheadings if you read newspapers, articles, anything. Here’s the inserter, and this time I am going to put in this. So that’s going to stay right over here, and I’m just gonna type in “Getting ready.” OK, now notice because this is a heading, these options here have changed. What this is saying is this is a “Heading 2.” If you know a little HTML, you know what this stands for. Do not use headings to make the size of the font smaller or bigger, that’s not what the purpose of the headings are.

The purpose of the heading is to let the users know that this is a subhead or sub-subhead, whatever. That’s what an H3 would be. Anyway, we’re just going to leave it at H2. By the way, the title which you don’t see, or you do see, but the little code for that is H1– Heading 1, the most important piece of content on the page, or so it is said. With that all done, let’s preview it. Rather, let’s publish it.

Publish that. That’s good, and we can have a look. OK, now you might say “I don’t like all this space in between. Why is there so much space over here?” That’s my theme. My theme is setting that distance over here, this margin over here, which all can be changed. In WordPress, as we say, it’s not, “Can you do something?” It’s, “How can you do something?” “Is there a plugin to do something like that?” Probably not. Would you have to do something with the code to do that? Absolutely, yes, it could be done that way.

That’s fine, the only thing I want to do is one other change I’d like to make. I’m just going to click “Edit” here, and it will take me to here. This time I want to make the text in the center, so here’s the options over here. A little bit confusing, because normally you’d think of it as being up over here, but no it’s down over here.

Again, I’m working with a header– Or a heading block, and I want to make the text in the center. Much better. Now I’m going to update. Remember, once you’ve published, then it’s just a matter of updating the page. Let’s have a look. Perfect, just what I expected. I have my text, my subhead over here, and the rest of my text with the image to the right. Onward.

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