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8: A Quick Look At The Media Library

Running Time:  5:08

The Media Library is where your images and videos are stored. Once an image or video has been uploaded, you can always use it on as many pages and posts as you’d like,

You can also store and use other docs that you can link to for your site. Example? If you like to have users open or download a pdf file you can upload and store it in the Media Library.

Note: It’s a bad idea to upload very heavy files to be used for your site. File sizes that exceed 100KB are not a good idea especially for those using slow WIFI networks.

Transcript Of This Video

While you’re probably not going to spend a lot of time in the media library, I thought I’d give you a quick tour to help you orient your way through it. I just clicked on the media library to get to this page, which lists all the different media files I’ve uploaded to this point. There are only two– Actually, three that I’ve uploaded. These two pictures over here, and I also uploaded a video over here which is represented by this icon. You can use the media library this way, and there’s another view over here.

This is what they call the “List view.” If I click over here, I get the “Grid view,” which I don’t find very useful but a lot of people like it for some reason. Of course, again, I only have these three images. Or actually, two images and one video. If I had lots more, they would all be taken up in rows and columns. Anyway, back to the list view, which I much prefer. I think it’s more useful because it gives you some more information.

As you can see, it tells you the file and that I uploaded it– Who the author is, meaning who uploaded it. Where it’s being used, so if I clicked on “Detach,” that would mean it would take it out of the page in which it was used, so I don’t want to click that. Of course, the date that it was uploaded, so that’s fine. What I want to do now is click into one of these images to explore this a little more in detail. Right over here on the right-hand side, there’s some really important information.

“File URL,” so if you ever needed to know the exact URL of the image file or video, you would come over here, and you would do a copy/paste. You copy it here, then paste it into your page. This is important if you’re going to be using any HTML code. If you’re not, it doesn’t mean much to you, but a lot of people do use HTML so I thought I’d show it. Another thing to note is it’s got this edit capability, and as I’ve mentioned before, this is not Photoshop. Not even close.

You’ve got a couple options over here, and I’m not even going to click on these, that change the rotation and orientation of the image itself. If you uploaded it and it was upside down and backwards, or whatever, you’d go over here and adjust it that way. Then if we go over here, there’s some options here to change the size of the image, and I would not scale up the image. If anything, scale it down because you’re going to get some probably pretty unexpected results. So, don’t do that.

You could also do some image cropping, but I generally do all the cropping outside of WordPress. One thing to note too, the term “Thumbnail” is used a lot in WordPress, and it’s misleading and unfortunate. Generally, “Thumbnail” refers to “Image,” So be careful. Sometimes it does refer to a small image, but generally, it means just “Image.” So, watch out for that one.

What I want to do now is go back to the library and look at these three here, and explore some of these options over here because they could be very helpful. For example, let me select all these, and if I wanted to use– Let’s go over here. If I wanted to see which ones were not attached, which means that there might be an image that I’ve uploaded to my library that’s not used on any page or post, and I might want to delete that.

I would filter on that. Now, of course, the answer is they’re all being used. That’s not unexpected. All I want to do now is hit the back button, so I can get my three images back in there. I can also filter on things like– display all the images or display all the videos. That’s really what the purpose of all this is. I also can do this, show me the images that I uploaded in August or July, or whatever month that you’ve uploaded your images.

Always make sure to click on the word “Filter,” and that’s going to make the adjustments so that you’ll see whatever you’re filtering on. It’s a way of searching. Speaking of search, you can use this box over here to do a search. The other thing I want to show you is this thing called “Bulk actions,” and you’ll see this in much of the WP admin. “Bulk actions,” and you’ll go, “What is that?” At least, I always did.

In this case, I’ve selected, again, all three images. If I wish to, in this case, delete permanently– If I click “Apply” all three images, or that is the two images and the video, will be deleted. So, don’t do that. When you see the words “Delete permanently,” they are not kidding. This is not going to go into your trash, and you can take it out and use it again, this means “Gone, goodbye, no more.” So, don’t do that.

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