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7: Add To Any/Share Buttons

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When it comes to the social nets there are two types of WordPress plugins. One allows you to link your site to your pages in social networks.

The other, allows you or your users to share your content with a social network. Add To Any/Share Buttons is an example of this type of plugin.

This plugin is easy to configure as it’s good to go out of the box. Customizing it for your needs to is fun and easy.

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Let me show you a great plugin. It’s called Add to Any Share Buttons that will allow you or a user on your website to share the content of a page into a social network. I’ve been demonstrating this plugin for years. It’s what I would call a “WordPress standard.” It’s been downloaded millions of times, and there’s currently about a half million active installations. So, let’s get started. Here I am on my prototype site and here are the buttons that I’m referring to.

If I click on the Facebook icon, let’s see what happens here. Facebook icon. This will open up a little window over here, and because I’m logged into Facebook, I can now share this content right into my page on Facebook. Or, I could share it into any one of these other options over here that might be familiar if you’re familiar with Facebook. No, I don’t want to stay on the page. I will leave. The same goes for Twitter, and if I want to send this to e-mail that’s fine. This over here is the universal icon, so there are other options over here. How do you get this going? Here is the site that I’m developing and I’ve already installed the plugin, Add to Any Share Buttons. What I like about this plugin and it’s the hallmark of any good plugin, is that it’s easy to configure. By that I mean most of the configurations are done for you out of the box, so it’s set up the way you would want them to be. If you have to make any changes, which I’m about to do, it’s easy to do. I’m going to click on “Settings.” It takes me to the “Settings” section, and by the way, if you forget where it is, it’s right over here in “Settings.” You can see down here it says Add to Any.

There are two panels for the configuration section, one is right over here, the standard and then floating. So we’ll get to that, we’ll do the standard first. It asks you, “How big do you want the icons to be?” 32 pixels is fine. “Do you want have a background color for your icons, or do you want to have a foreground color?” I’ll leave everything the way it is, because like I said, out of the box it’s really good. Now here are the icons they get you started with, if you want to add some icons– Look at all this, I bet you didn’t know there’s so many different networks. I didn’t know this. You can replace them, for example, if you didn’t want Twitter you click on Twitter, and then you could see right over here “Click on Twitter here,” and Twitter goes away. Let’s say I wanted to add Tumblr, which I’m going to do, and I’m going to add Reddit which I happen to like.

Then if I want to change the order, I can switch these on over here. I’m going to do– So, what is this? If you want to show how many times it’s been used that’s what show count is about. I don’t think I want that, so I’m just going to click outside this box. Or actually, let’s click over here. I didn’t want to do that, OK. I just clicked it, and it reappeared. Not too difficult. Let’s see if I can get this to go over where I want. I want Reddit to go first. OK, and we’ll leave that over here, and Facebook is fine. The e-mail– We’ll just put this one over here, and that’s good. Now I’m just going to ignore the fact that it says “Show count,” I’ll leave that where it is. It’s not going to bother anybody. I’m just going to go down over here, and I’m skipping through some of this, but here’s what’s important. You get to decide where do you want to position these icons, do you want them to go at the top of your pages or the bottom of your pages? You have bottom, top, and top and bottom, which would be crazy to have them twice on a page. So I’ll leave it at bottom, and then you have all these different options over here.

Do you want to display them on all your pages or all your posts? You can go through this and configure it as you want. As you see right now, it’s going to be everywhere so we’ll leave it that way. Now I’m going to save my changes. One thing I like too about this plugin, as you’re working with it if you want to reset to the default you’ve got this button over here. I think that’s great. OK, so let’s see what happens. We go over to the site, and we see it’s on the home page. I don’t want this to be on the home page, so what can I do about that? Just go into the “Edit page,” and there’s going to be an option right over here. “Add to Any?” No, I don’t want to show that, so I’m going to deselect that. Of course, I’m going to have to update this, and now if I go to view the page you’ll see– All right, they’re gone. How about these other pages? They’re going to be– Every one of them is going to be just like this because I have them on the bottom of all my pages. If I go to a post, you can see that, and you can configure it so it doesn’t show up over here on the archive page, but it would just show up on the blog post itself.

Many different ways to set where and how they’re displayed. So, that’s one thing. But there’s something else that’s kind of interesting about this plugin, and that is– I’m going to go here, and we’ll go to “Settings,” and we’re going to go to “Add to Any.” There was another tab right over here, “Floating.” You know how you see these icons that float on a page? Let me show you what I mean. Right now, they’re not floating. I’m going to experiment a little bit. I want to position them on the left side, and we’ll make the buttons vertical. I’m not going to make too many changes so I can follow what’s going on over here. Position, 100 pixels from the top, that’s fine. Offset, we’ll leave it just the way it is. Maybe we’ll put a color in the background so it’ll show up a little better. I’m just going to put this color over here, that’s fine, we’ll leave it there. Let’s don’t make any other changes, let’s leave it exactly the way it is. We can come back to this page and look a little more closely at it. Now it won’t be on the home page because the buttons aren’t there, so I shouldn’t look over there.

Let’s just out of curiosity look at the “Plant” page. Aha– So they’re fixed on the left-hand side. OK, notice that it doesn’t start exactly at the top, there’s a bit of an offset. I think it was 100 pixels, but it will just stay in place at all times as you scroll through the page. OK, let’s go back and look at the settings page one more time and see what other options are there. Here we are, again we’re in the “Floating” panel, and instead of doing it on the left-hand side or in a vertical position, I’m going to switch this to “None.” I’m going to skip down to over here, and this time I am going to put it in the center. All right, there’s some options over here too that deal with essentially not to display this on mobile devices. Generally, you don’t want something like this to show up in mobile. It would really be distracting, so if you want to you can, but I’m just going to leave that, and I’m also going to put in a color for this too. There we go, let’s give it a different color here. Again, it’s got this reset. So if you wanted to start all over again, really nice. But I don’t so I’m going to save my changes. Let’s go to the site, and I’m again going to go to the “Plant” page.

Now you see, here they are down here. It’s different, so you can position these in a floating manner or a fixed position on your page if you want, rather than have the standard layout. One other nice thing about this plugin that you should know. That is, I want to show you this right over here. If I go over here to “Appearance,” “Widgets,” I can add the “Add to Any–” Here we are. “Add to Any Share” is now a widget, so if I wanted to put this in my blog sidebar– Let’s do this right at the top so it’ll be real obvious. I’m just going to do right like that, and this is what’s nice, here’s another option you have with this plugin. If I go over here to “Blog,” look at that. It’s right over here. Of course, then I would have to go through and make some more changes because I really wouldn’t want to have it in the sidebar over here, and on the page, and over here too. You’ve got to be careful not to have them show up everywhere, but that’s easy to do to configure it. In fact, let me do that right now. I will take out the floating one.

That’s the only one I’m going to take out, so I’m going to go over here to “Settings,” “Add to Any,” and “Floating.” I’m going to make sure it’s “None.”

Actually, I’m going to reset. Do the whole thing as a reset. Yes, I do. Now if I go out and have a look, you’ll see that the floating option is gone. I could go over here, so this is still here, and the widget is still here. This one’s here too, but I can get rid of this one too as well. All right, Add to Any Share Buttons is a great plugin, and you see it everywhere. Very easy to configure, and it allows you or a user to share the content of a page or a post into a social network.

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