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5: Title Remover

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For years I used the Hide Title plugin to hide page and post titles. Since the developer of that plugin did not keep itup to date I switched to this one, Title Remover. Both do the same thing but in different ways.

When creating pages and posts always give it a meaningful title. But, as you’ll see here, if you do not want the title to be displayed then hide it using Title Remover.

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Let me show you a plugin that I can almost guarantee you’re going to use. This one is called Title Remover. There are other plugins that do exactly the same thing, but this is very well known and most websites you’re going to have pages where you don’t want to show the title. In this case, the home page. You hardly want to show the word “Home,” right? That doesn’t make any sense. So, how would you take that out? I’m going to click on “Edit,” and now I’ve installed the plugin, and I’ve activated it. Because that’s true, it gives me this little box over here, “Hide title.” I want to open that up, and I’m going to click it. OK. Now, it still shows over here. By the way, never do this. Don’t do it like this. You’re going to take out the title this way. You don’t want to do it that way, and there could be a lot of bad consequences to that, so use the plugin. Once you do, of course, you want to update, and let’s have a look. The “Home” title is gone, and you can use this plugin to remove the titles of any page or post on your site.

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