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1: Blogging 101

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Blogs have common features that are easy to detect and work with.

I examine 3 different blogs showing you how they are displayed on the blog page.

Most WordPress Themes have these elements which are used as a link to the blog post itself:

  • The Blog Title
  • The Featured Image
  • The Continuing Reading Linnk

Blog posts also commonly show these elements (which may also be a link):

    • The Author’s Name

Date Published

Blogging can be a collaborative experience. WordPress makes it easy for you to have guest authors so you don’t have to do all the work.

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Before we get into learning how to blog, let me explain a little bit about blogging in general and show you some of the common characteristics of just about any blog. Now, the word “Blog” is really short for the word “Webblog.” In the olden days, people thought of it is a diary, but don’t think of it that way anymore. Do think of it as your opportunity to publish new, fresh, and important content for your audience. That’s the purpose of a blog. So here is the prototype site, and I have four different blog posts, also known as articles. They’re published in chronological order so the oldest one is furthest down on the list and the newest one is right over here. This theme, 2017, sets up the blog in a particular way. That is, first you have the title of the post, and then you have the featured image, and then I have a little bit of content over here that starts the post and then “Continue reading.” That’s the pattern we’ll see for almost all themes, not necessarily will be true for your theme, but in most cases, you’ll see something like this. Each one of these that is the title the feature damage and the “Continued reading” all lead you to the same place, which is where you can read the entire article. OK, so featured image, article, and that would be about it. If I wanted to return to the blog page, I could see all of my posts. Again, there are only four. I could have more than four listed, but four it is for now. The other thing too is if I click on “Continue reading,” the user doesn’t start from the very top but picks up from the point that they’re reading. All these other elements on the page such as these sidebar widgets, I will take up in adding sidebar widgets. For now, all I want to do is focus on the main concepts of blogging, which is the title, the content itself, and image. Not pay attention or get distracted to other things. Let’s look at another example. This is a site that I keep up to show off for this course, and that is an old blog of mine. You can see in this case, on this blog page I’ve got the title, featured image, and a few words that start the article. I have 10 blog posts listed here. I could have more or less, and it depends on what I want. That’s pretty easy to adjust. If I click on any one of these, in this case, the featured image is not listed above the article, and it’s just inside of the post itself. That’s the nature of this particular theme.

But going back to this blog page again, you’ll see the core ideas. The title, the featured image, and the content. Let’s take a look at one more. This is one that’s popular with the WordPress community, and it’s WP Tavern, and it is a blog that posts all about– You guessed it, WordPress. It’s very timely articles, and sometimes they post three times or four times a day. I read it quite a bit. So, again. Featured image, title, and “Read more.” Same idea. If I click on the “Read more,” in this case I’m taken to the top of the page and then I can continue reading. Then it has the sidebars and social icons, and stuff like that. But that’s not important right now. Did you notice on each post you also get the author’s name and the date that it was published? That’s true in almost every theme that I’ve ever seen. Let’s go back and look at the theme over here. If I click on “Getting Started,” we’ll see the date and– Guess who published it? Those are the core blogging features you’ll see in just about every WordPress theme.

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