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7: Adding A Link To Text Or An Image

Running Time:  5:29

What if you need to add a link to text or an image on your site?

Two different tools are used to accomplish this task.

Transcript Of This Video

Let’s have a look at how to create links in WordPress. I’m not talking about the navigation or the menu. We’ve done that already. I want to do the links, like if I want to click on an image or I want to click on some text, how do I go about doing that? Let’s start with the image. Now, we don’t click on images anymore, and this certainly doesn’t look like an image you would click on, but let’s use that as our example. I’ve selected it, and you could see it’s highlighted with these little dots and right over here since I’m in the image block it has “Link settings.” For that, I’m just going to open that up, and it says “Linked to,” and these are different link options. The only one I’m interested in is “Custom URL” because I’m going to go to another page. It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is type in the word. Let’s say I was going to go to the home page, so I’m just going to type in “Home.” Now if I wanted to go to another website, I would paste in the entire URL there. Also, “Open in another tab,” I definitely want to do that.

I’m going to click on that, and let’s have a look. If I clicked on that it takes me to the home page, perfect. All right. What about text links?

Before I get to the text links, if I want to remove this link, and I do– Again I’m going to select this, scroll down to “Link settings” and take this out over here, and of course “Update.” That’s how to work with an image used as a link. Like I said, it’s not used all that often anymore. What about text links? Those certainly are used. I’m going to slip in right over here, a paragraph block, and I’m just going to type in the words “Go home.” Maybe I was a bad boy, “Go home.” I’m just going to highlight the words “Go home” and then in my tool bar over here I see there is a tool for “Link,” and I click on that and out pops this little window over here. I’m just going to type in the word “Home.” So I am going to go to my home page, and you can see WordPress looks for what they think are the matches, and “Home” is the match. Now I have to click on this to make it active, so I do. I can also change the URL over here. I’m not going to do that, and I can– No, I don’t want to open this in a new tab, definitely not. You can see it’s underlined over here, and you can’t click on this. It’s in the editor. You have to look at it in the page itself.

So, I just updated, and I’m going to go “View page,” make sure that we’re good. We’re good. I’m not even going to click on it. We’re good. What happens if I wanted to remove that link? For that we go over here, I want to select it like I just did. Now the “Link” tool turns into an “Unlink” tool. Just click on that, and it’s gone. All right, now I want to get rid of the whole thing because it was just for demonstration, and to do that I remove the block and we’re gone. OK, I’m just going to update. What about a link to an external site? For that, I’m going to use the “Plant” page. I’m going to add some more copy, and I’m just going to do this, “Edit” and I’m going to paste in a block right above here, I’m going to paste in a paragraph block. So, let’s do that. Paste that in, OK. I want to highlight the words “Center Ridge Nursery.” I’m going to do that.

OK, perfect. Now before I go ahead and click on this link tool, let’s get the link. It just so happens I want to link to a page that they use on Facebook. Copy that, and now I’m going to click on the “Link” tool, and it looks familiar. But this time I’m just going to Command-V, and I’m going to paste in the link itself. Of course, I could have typed it in, but it’s long, so I’m not going to do that. Make sure to apply it, and that should do it. Of course, look at the “De-link” tool here, I could de-link it like this or if I change my mind I could– I just undid that, so now it is a link. Update. OK, now we have a link to the Facebook page. Perfect. With that, we’ve seen how to link to an external site, how to link to just your own site with text in both cases, and then how to use an image to link to your own site, or you could have just linked to an external site with an image as well.

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