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6: Changing The URL Of A Page

Running Time:  3:17

WordPress offers a few ways to change the text used in the URL of any page.

But we careful. If you change the words used for any page’s URL that could affect that page’s visibility in a search engine page rankings as well as take users to a “Page Not Found” error message.

Fortunately, there’s an excellent Redirection plugin you can use to redirect users to an alternative page.


Transcript Of This Video

It’s very possible that at one point or another you may want to change the text that’s used in the URL of any web page. There’s various reasons why you might want to do that, one of them is for search engine optimization. Google looks at the words that you use to help rank your page in their search engine results pages. So, how do you go about doing that? First thing you need to know is that when you create a page for the first time– I’m using the “Prep” page as an example, the title of the page will be used in a URL just like I have it now. So, my URL is, which is a strange domain. The reason why it’s strange is that this site is running or has been installed on my computer, it’s not on the internet. Then it’s slash, and it’s “Prep,” and that was all done automatically when I set up the page for the first time. But what happens if I want to change the URL? You can see already, I clicked inside the title box, and you have this permalinks area show up, and I’m going to change it just by clicking on “Edit.” I’m going to get rid of the word “Prep,” and I’m going to paste in the words I already have, “Preparing my Garden in the Spring.” You can see that I have spaces between the words and I have some upper-casing, and I want to now save this. WordPress will automatically provide all the lower-casing, which is standard and also put dashes between the words, which is also standard. If there are some words in there that are superfluous and not needed, WordPress will take those out too.

The other place I could have done the same thing is right over here under “Permalinks.” I could have typed my words in right over here, and that would have been fine, but I generally don’t like to use that for whatever reason. Now I’m going to update, and I’m now going to look at the URL that I’ve created for this page. Now you see the full URL “Preparing my Garden in the Spring,” which is a lot more meaningful than just the word “Prep.” It’s a little more descriptive. So, you might wonder, “What’s going to happen with my links now that I’ve changed the link for this page?” I’ll show you. If I go to the “Harvest” page for example and then click over to the “Prep” page, no change. The new URL shows up perfectly. How about if there is a link from another site that goes to the “Prep” page? Will that be affected? Let’s look. Suppose I type in the words, then slash “Prep.” Let’s see what happens. Perfect, it takes me to the page with the correct URL, “Preparing my Garden in the Spring.”

One other thing to note. If you change the title, what impact will that have? Let’s do that. “Prep For The Summer.” So, I just did that, and now I’m going to click “Update,” and we’ll see that it will have no impact on the URL. If I go over to view the page, I now have the new title, but the URL stayed the same.

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