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2: Adding More Pages

Running Time:  3:07

Before I create my site’s navigation (menu) I need to create and publish additional pages. Even if these new pages are empty of content that’s ok for now.

Transcript Of This Video

I’m back on my prototype site, and I’m going to start making my menu, but before I do that I need to add some pages. Let’s see what we have here. We know we have the home page, “Prep,” “Plant,” “Harvest.” “Galleries” is a nice little dropdown of three different pages. That’s good. “Blog,” let’s click onto that for a second here. I call this blog page the “Home of the blog,” and I’ll certainly get into how this is all set up when I get into the module on blogging. The other one I’m going to do too is the contact form– That is, I’m going to set up the page for the contact form.

OK, perfect. Back I am on the site that I’m developing, and even though I’ve made pages before like the home page, the “Prep” and “Plant” and “Harvest,” they’re not showing up in my navigation. They won’t show up in navigation until the next video when I get into doing that. But for now I need to add some more pages, so let’s see. I’m going to add– Let’s go over here to “Pages,” and you have to be careful not to add a post but to add a page. I’m going to add two, and I’ll show you why in a second. I’m going to add the contact page, and it’s just going to be a blank. I do this, and I like doing this a lot of times, just making blank pages. It will help me understand the navigation of the site, especially if it’s a small site. I’m now going to click on “Publish,” that’s fine. Then I’m going to do one other right now. Let’s go over here, and let’s go to “Blog.”

I’m just going to type in “Blog,” and this will be where the blog is going to be located. I’m going to publish that, and that’s fine. Now let’s have a look at everything I’ve done so far with “All pages.” You see “Blog” and so forth, and there’s a couple over here that I did before I did this recording that I put in “Draft” status. Like Lightbox, and WP Standard and Videos. I want to move them now to be published, and the way I’m going to do that is click over here on the word “Draft.” I am going to select all, and use the bulk actions and– No, I’m not going to move them to trash. I’m going to “Edit.” OK. I like doing this because it just saves a lot of time.

So, you see the three over here? If you wanted to change your mind you would click one of these over here, but no– I want all of these to be moved to the “Published” status, so here we go. “Published” and now they’ll all be published. Perfect. If I want to check over here– Yep. I don’t have any of those little draft notifications anymore. Now if I go to my site, is everything going to be the way I expect? Yeah. It’s the way I expect, but maybe not the way you expect. Because you probably thought maybe we’d have all these links over here. No, that’s coming up real soon.

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