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SEO has always been vital in making your website visible and getting organic traffic. Content creation is at the heart of SEO success. Yet, creating relevant, high-quality content can be a difficult task. Enter generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), a technology that mimics human-like creativity. Today, generative AI is on everyone’s... Read more
Source: Yoast
Published on: Aug-15-23
Since last week, 329 total vulnerabilities emerged in public disclosure. They may affect over 7 million WordPress sites. There are 209 plugin vulnerabilities and 18 theme vulnerabilities with security patches, so run those updates! Additionally, there are 66 plugin vulnerabilities and 36 theme vulnerabilities with no patch available yet. If... Read more
Published on: Jul-27-23
This month, we’ve got some actionable resources for you to help make the most of your WordPress websites. From ideas for generating traffic to a new website – always important – to upselling on an e-commerce site and using AI for web builds, there’s something for everyone. Plus, the latest... Read more
Published on: May-25-23
Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage right now. Some say it’s started a technological revolution, and that AI will change our lives for the better. But generative AI tools are only as good as the data they’re fed. And have we truly considered the implications of a world where... Read more
Source: Yoast
Published on: May-10-23
As AI-powered technology is rapidly evolving to exponentially extend human capabilities, WordPress contributors do not […]... Read more
Published on: May-08-23
AI writing tools can help you effectively generate valuable and engaging content for humans. In this article, you'll learn what works well, what doesn't, and the habits of mind you need to adopt to make the best use of an AI content marketing assistant. The post 5 Good Ways to... Read more
Published on: May-05-23
Nick Diego and Birgit Pauli-Haack discuss the most recent Gutenberg plugin release 15.6, the proposed schedule for WordPress 6.3 release in August of this year and a few things that are in the works. Show Notes / Transcript Special Guest: Nick Diego Announcements Community Contributions GiveWP: Visual Donation Form Builder... Read more
Source: Gutenberg Times
Published on: Apr-22-23
As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and headless technologies rapidly become more prevalent in modern web development, exciting innovations are fostering greater creative potential than ever before. Those innovations were on full display as WP Engine CMO Sachin Puri joined DD.NYC Founder and Managing Director Anjelika Kour as well as B-REEL Product... Read more
Published on: Apr-03-23
We asked ChatGPT the question "could artificial intelligence (A.I.) kill the web design industry?". This is what we got back... "It is unlikely that artificial intelligence (A.I.) will completely kill the web design industry. While A.I. and automation tools may be able to handle certain aspects of web design, it... Read more
Source: WP Builds
Published on: Feb-16-23