Resources For My Talk “4 Things To Look For In A WordPress Web Host”

I happily write about and teach people WordPress.

Here’s a few things to check out if you’re new to WordPress and are looking for a web host or are thinking of changing the one you already have.

My Resoureces

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate of WP Engine and SiteGround but I wouldn’t recommend either of these to you unless I used both of them for my work and client sites.

WP Engine is considered by many to be the best in the business of hosting WordPress web sits. And that is all they do.

With security, performance and technical support being the cornerstone of their servcie you and your web site will be in good hands. (Sort of like insurance).

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  • Don’t you worry about a thing. Your email address is kept safe with those crazy monkeys at MailChimp.

Why Subscribe?

If you need a reliable service where you can – at a fixed price – build many sites, set up and use domain email then SiteGround is a great choice for you.

SiteGround also provides domain name registration and management services.

My recent post which is the spark for my presentation. You’ll see I’ve got some pretty strong opinions on what is a good host and the hosts you will want to avoid.

Here are 4 videos about web hosting taken form my WordPress A To Z Course.

Other Resources

A great explanation between shared hosting and manage WordPress web hosting plans.

One person’s journey from shared to manged WP hosting.

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