My Talk At WordCamp Philly 2019 – Wrap Up

A huge thank you for all who attended my talk on October 5, 2019 at WordCamp Philly.

List of speakers for the Arch TrackMy topic was “Getting Gutenberg To Do What You Need It To Do.” I showed you that you were not stuck with the simple blocks that come with the WordPress editor. You can add the blocks you need with Gutenbergs plugins, a new genre of WordPress plugins.

You can also create templates with reusable blocks. What a time saver!

Here are the links from my talk:

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My deep appreciation goes to Krystal Knapp for being my eyes and hands during the demo. I could not have done this without her. Ok, I could have but we’d still be there and it’s now 12 hours after I spoke.

And a shout out to lead organizer Joe Casabona and his team. Joe became a friend and did a great job speaking at WordCamps NYC and Montclair this year.

The WordPress community is so fortunate to have Krystal and Joe be an integral part of all that it has come to be.

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