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On December 4, 2018 WordPress changed forever. On that date WordPress 5.0 was released which included the Gutenberg editor.

This replaced what is now called the Classic Editor which had been the way in which content was created in WordPress since its beginning in 2003.

The Gutenberg editor features a block editing system. All content types – such as paragraphs, headings, images and videos – and more are created by inserting a block into a page or post.

The videos in “Using Gutenberg” module are to help you easily learn and use Gutenberg. Feel free to skip around and learn what you need to know as my videos do not need to be watched in any order.

Modules In How To WordPress

Web Hosting Module 6 The WP A to Z Series

The self-hosted version of WordPress – which is what I have been showing you throughout the WP A to Z Series – means you’ll need an account with a web host.

The good news is that you have many web hosting companies to choose from. The bad news is that you have many web hosts to choose from. There are countless companies – large and small – that offer WordPress web hosting services. The success of your site will be in part due to which web host you pick.

The web hosting business is very competitive so shop around. Eventually you’ll see there are no real bargains as you’ll get what you pay for. Web hosts that offer low cost plans for tight budges will not provide the same services that the pricier web hosting companies do.

I have recommended these very well known companies for a long time each serving different needs:

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Plugins Module 5 The WP A to Z Series

Plugins are what give WordPress power. Like cellphone Apps plugins extend what WordPress Core does by default. They let you make the web site you want.

There are about 50,000 free WordPress plugins in the WordPress Plugins Repository. These plugins have been created by developers the world over. While many free plugins have pay-for features you’ll often find the free features are all you need.

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Blogging Module 4 The WP A to Z Series

Blogging is to WordPress as Air is to Life. No, that’s not a perfect analogy because you don’t need to have a blog for a WP site. But try getting along without air for awhile.

Still, knowing how to blog is worth your effort. Even if you’ll never blog the concepts of blogging are used for other sites such as this one which uses a Learning Management plugin that works like a blog.

If you’re still thinking – like I did – that blogging is about writing a diary that no one will read get over it! That was then. This is now.

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Themes Module 3 The WP A to Z Series

A WordPress Theme sets the style of your site. Art direction – color, typography and layout are what themes are all about.

The great thing about WordPress Themes is that there are thousands to choose from to make a site that meets your design requirements.

But that’s the problem. Thousands to choose from that are free or in the premium department.

Because it can be very hard to decide which one to choose I’m here to help.

Word To The Wise

If you are new to WP or are struggling too much, use a simple, free theme. Premium themes usually have a lot of bells and whistles that will confuse most newbies.

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Links Module 2 The WP A To Z Series

Links are so much of what the web is about and how it is put together. A strength of WordPress is that it simplifies and automates the process of creating links within your site and to other sites.

Whether you need links grouped at the top or sides of your pages, the Menu setting (Appearance > Menu) is where you will go in the WP Admin to set those up.

But Links in WP is more then setting up your Menu.

You’ll see.

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Getting Started Module 1 The WP A To Z Series

In this first of six modules, I lay the foundation for this course. I introduce you to the In My Garden site which I use as a model to build a typical WordPress web site. This site has all the core features of a WP site that you need to know to make any kind of site.

While you can skip around and not follow the topics in any order, if you’re new to WP I suggest you take it in order, from 1 – 8.

If you ever have a question you can easily reach me,

All 6 Modules In This Course

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