Keep Your User Ids and Passwords Organized and Nearby

This tip is too obvious. It certainly applies to logging into any site, not just the WP admin.

So much time is wasted when you don’t keep your login credentials (user names and passwords) organized and easy to find. If you’re the type that is always resetting passwords, asking others for your credentials, or even starting new accounts because you can’t find your credentials, then this tip is for you.

Just Get Organized

When you start a new account or new web site – or anything that requires login credentials – keep that info somewhere in a consistent format. I use a spreadsheet that I keep in my Google Drive. I only use text files on my computer for client credentials. I keep everything up to date and because of this, I never misplace credentials. I am fussy about this but it pays off.

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If you’re old school you can keep them on paper, but not even my wife does that any more.

If Anyone Creates Credentials For You Make Sure They Give Them To You!

Here’s the deal.

You should never be begging for credentials from the people who design and develop your site. NEVER. You are the owner, you are the keeper of the keys. Anyone who works on your site MUST give you any credentials they create in connection with any work they do for you. For example, if they open a web hosting account, a MailChimp account, a Dropbox account or ANY account, you should immediately get your user id and password from them. You should not even be asking them for the credentials because, more often then not, when you need them the most, you won’t be able to get them.

Then where will you be?

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