How To Tell What Version Of WordPress Your Web Site Is Using

How many times have you seen, “Make sure to keep the version of WordPress you’re running for your site up-to-date”?

But do you know what version of WordPress you are using and how to find out? Stick around.

If I didn’t know WordPress as well as I do, I wouldn’t know what version I’m using either.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard to find out.

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There are three ways that come quickly to mind.

Before I get to that, just what is it that gets updated when you update WordPress? Make sure to see “What Is WordPress Core And Why Is It Important?”

The Easy Way

Login to your WP Admin. The first screen you see is the Dashboard. In most cases, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

screenshot of simple way to find WordPress version

Just like that.

(If you need a better view of any images on this page, just click on the image.)

The Site Health Way

If for any reason that does not work, then go to Tools > Site Health. Near the top of that page are two tabs. Make sure to choose the “Info” tab.

screen shot of using WordPress Site Health check tool to find version

Click “WordPress” and there you will find which version you are using.

Note: This feature was made part of WP in the summer of 2019 in v5.2. If you have not updated your version of WP for quite a while, you will not see this feature. (Also, it’s a sure bet you need to update your version of WordPress.)

When All Else Fails

This is the last way. I like it the best as it gives me lots of information on the version I’m using.

In your browser’s address bar make sure to type in the file about.php like so:

and then hit the return key. You’ll get a page like this:

screen shot of using about.php to find WP version

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