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A little help from your friendly WordPress instructor.

Whether you’re trying out what you’re learning here or are getting ready to build you’re site you’re going to need a web host. No getting around that.

There are thousands of companies that are in the business that will let you register a domain name, provide email service as well as being the server for your WordPress site.

Here Are My Recommendations

To get the clearest view of any video you might want to click that icon on the far right to expand the video to full screen. To shrink the video back into the page just hit the ESC key.

While a video is playing you can tap the space bar to stop or re-start.

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As they say, users will forgive a less than perfect video. Mess up the audio, oh boy, that’s a show stopper.

I’ve tried to keep audio quality uniform within and between each video. You can click on the player to adjust the audio output.

Don’t wonder if I use a script. I don’t. I do have some notes. The rest comes from my years of teaching WordPress.

I’ve been doing personal WordPress webinars for since the Earth cooled. I can teach you almost anything in one of these webinars:

  • Working With Elementor

  • Getting Started With Gravity Forms

  • Mastering MailChimp For Email Campaigns

  • Gutenberg 101

and much more so see the rest!

That’s the simple part because I’m very easy to reach. Teaching you WordPress with a Personal Touch also means that I’ll get back to you right away.

Here’s how to reach me:

  • Email me at
  • Call my cell at 973 479 2914. Yup, I love hearing from people taking the course so go ahead an ring me up.


I’m happy to answer questions that pertain to learning WordPress and this course at no cost. If you need work or advice on your site please see my Services.

COURSE: The WP A To Z Series

Modules – Best to watch the videos in order if you are new to WordPress.

COURSE: How To WordPress

Modules – Watch these videos in any order.

Perfection is a state only achieved by Arlene, my wife.

While I’ve tried to remove all the ums and ahs some of the videos, for various reasons, don’t quite reach the professional state I’d prefer them to be.

But is any of this a show stopper? I think not. At least I hope not.

Remember, you can’t beat the price and you will learn how to make a WordPress site from A to Z.

WordPress is in a continual state of evolution making it impossible for me to keep my videos up-to-date.

Still and all, you’ll see that while you’r version of WordPress is likely to be more current than mine there is much you can learn from my videos.

This isn’t school but once in awhile I’ll do a Pop Quiz that will test how well you understand any given topic.






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