A Smart Way To Test Your WordPress Theme With Dummy Content

WARNING: Test your theme on a test site. Do not do any of the following on a live site!!

You install your theme then you find yourself adding content to test how things will look. You create pages and posts. Then you add copy, images, video and other elements… and you waste a lot of time.

In WordPress Speak there’s something called “Unit Test Data” which is a way to add all kinds of dummy content – pages and posts – to your site without having to work so hard and to do it better and faster than you can.

Go to WP Test where you can download dummy content. Make sure to read over their directions. This is not a plugin but you will first need to install the WordPress Importer plugin so you can import the content into your site.

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Once you’re done, you’ll have samples of content such as copy, images and videos presented as how they will appear using your chosen theme. Probably every use case is covered that you can think of. Your site will look something like this.

How cool and what a time saver!

Two Things I’d Do After Testing

1. Remove The Dummy Content

You’ll want to remove the dummy content. Don’t just delete the pages and posts. That’s more time wasted and you’re likely to miss something.

Use – with caution – the WordPress Database Reset plugin. This will remove:

  • All test content and settings. (i.e., all data tables in our data base).
  • All images.

Your themes and plugins will not be deleted.

Like the Importer plugin, access to Database Reset is found in the Tools section of your WP Admin.

Remember, you are on a test site. I forbid you to use this plugin on a live site!

2. Remove 2 Plugins

Since you no longer have a need for the WordPress Importer and WordPress Database Reset plugins I suggest your deactivate and delete them.

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