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Getting Ready To Retire? Make Your Dream Website With WordPress

Make Your Dream Website With WordPress
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WordPress, the worlds; most popular Content Management System, is also ideal to make a website if you’re not retired but are 55+ and getting there.

You’ve always had a great idea for all the world to see. Maybe it’s a small online store, a blog, or a learning site (like this one). You keep saying, “If only I could make a website, I’d…”

The truth is, you can.

How Do I Know That?

You’ve acquired many skills needed to make a website because you’ve lived a bit and learned a lot. Chances are you already have a lot of what it takes to be successful at making your site. You probably know how to…

  •  write
  •  create or work with images and videos
  •  follow instructions
  •  organize a small team to help you with your ideas
  •  work with technology

With your career winding down and the kids out of the house, you have more time on your hands. It’s time you spent it on someone who needs and wants it the most – you!!

It’s highly likely that you have a few bucks to build your site yourself or even hire someone to do it with you and/or for you. The good news is that building even a somewhat complex website is remarkably inexpensive – 
starting with WordPress which  does not cost a penny.

Where Can You Start?

Start small. Keep your expectations in check. You can dream big, but keep your feet on the ground for now.

With WordPress, starting small means making a simple blog  at If that is the end of your WP journey, that’s fine, but know that there is much more.

To get the most out of WordPress, you’ll need a web host to be the server where  your website files and database are stored. The sky is the limit with this “self-hosted” version of WP (which many refer to as “”). You can have your blog (or not) and create the site you’ve always wanted.

You’ll need to learn WordPress. One place to start is right here at this very site

Just What Kinds Of Website Can You MAke With WordPress?

Again,  no end  to that. What gives WordPress its power is the over 60,000 plugins (many free) that extend what WP does out of the box. Plugins are like apps in that they add different types of functionality to your site. They are what makes one website a membership site and another a site for a school or an eCommerce site, a travel site, or a streaming music site.

Where To Get Help

WordPress assistance is online everywhere. From Facebook groups to Reddit subreddits to LinkedIn Groups and beyond. Just ask and you will receive.

There is a tremendously vibrant community of WordPressers out there, who, like me, are ready to help you at a moment’s notice. Most cities and towns in the U.S. and beyond have WordPress MeetUp groups. Just Google that in your area and you can connect with the friendly, smart, and caring folks that make up the WordPress community.

Parting Advice

The cool thing about WordPress is that, if you take your time learning, you’ll be okay.  Don’t expect to be able to create the next Amazon (which is not a WP site) in an hour or so. Learning, for many people, is best done in segments with trial and error at the root of the process. If you rush the process you won’t learn WP or any Content Management System like it. But if you take your time, you’ll get the hang of it. The power to do something great will be at your finger tips.