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Just the basic FAQ Ma’am (guys can watch my videos too).

And I do private training too.

There are 2 courses, the WP A to Z Series and How to WordPress. The WP A To Z Series shows you all the things you need to know to build a WordPress web site. It is organized into six modules:

1. Getting Started
2. Link3
3. Themes
4. Blogging
5. Plugins
6. Web Hosting

Each Module has Topics that include a video and an occasional pop Quiz.

You don't have to watch the videos in order but if you're new to WordPress I suggest you do.

How to WordPress has two modules, WP Potpourri and Using Gutenberg. Accordion Sample Description

Accordion S<p>I've been teaching web design and WP for over 20 years in classrooms and via webinars. I know what goes into making a great learning experience.

Besides, I love teaching and I love WordPress.

But can I guarantee that you will learn WP?  No and no one can.  If you follow my time tested  methods you should get there but there is no way for me to promise anyone - even people I know - that you can learn anything.ample Description

Hard to say.

It depends on things like how you learn, how much time you have, how motivated you are  among other factors.

Move through the WP A to Z Series as fast or as slow as you'd like.

I'll be the first to say that many of my competitors are good, really good. But they miss what I do here and that is give you the chance to get very personal attention if you need it.

I make it easy for you reach out to me in many ways. You'll find that I'm really responsive.

Plus you can always <a href="
index.php?page_id=2935">schedule a personal online class</a> to learn something to take you to the next step.

Oh yeah, the over 50 videos in my courses are free which is a pretty good price, don't you think?

That's what I take up in the very first video.  <a href="index.php?page_id=2677">Check it out</a>.

Perfection is a state only achieved by Arlene, my wife. 

While I've tried to remove all the ums and ahs some of the videos, for various reasons, don't quite reach the professional state I prefer.

But is any of this a show stopper? I don't think so.  Thousands of people have learned form my training.

Remember, you can't beat the price and you will learn how to make a WordPress site from A to Z.


Start Right Here with my Courses Index.

After a few videos you will see you'll need to create a user name and password to gain access to the entire course.

How Do I Go About Getting Private Training?

While the videos might be all you need you can sign up for private training at any time. That way you’ll get personal attention that’s designed for you.

I’ve been doing personal WordPress online classes since the Earth cooled. I can teach you almost anything in one of these classes:

  • Elementor – the most popular page builder
  • Gravity Forms – the best form builder plugin in all of WordPressLand
  • MailChimp – a great way to send and manage email campaigns
  • Gutenberg – going beyond what you are learning in my courses with the WordPress page editor
  • WooCommerce – the way to turn your web site into the next Amazon
  • Child Theme – how to custom code your site to look and do anything you want it to do
  • The Starter – if you are really struggling with learning the basics
  • Have It Your Way – a custom class that’s made for you

My online classes are live, just for you and a reasonable investment to help you learn WordPress.

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What If I Need Help With My Site?

Most of my clients were students at one time. Check out the Services I offer to help you and your site.

Here are just the FAQ Ma’am to help you understand what I’ve got for you. (Guys can take this course too).

Here’s how to reach me:

  • Email me at
  • Call my cell at 973 479 2914. Yup, I love hearing from people taking the course so go ahead an ring me up.
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