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5 Things To Consider When Creating A Successful Explainer Video For Your WordPress Business

explainer video for your wordpress business
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There’s nothing like an engaging screencast video to help prospective and current customers with your WordPress service, plugin or theme.

An explainer video should focus on two things:

  1. How easy it is to use what you have to offer and how it solves a problem.
  2. Why on earth a prospect would not want to purchase your offer in the near future if not right now?

Having made and seen my fair share of WordPress videos I have some advice on what to do and, as importantly, what not to do. My advice applies whether you are making an explainer video for your WordPress business or you’re hiring a third party to do it for you.

What I’m not going to discuss here is equipment and software that can be used for production or the process of making the video. Rather, this is just practical dos and don’ts advice. And I pretty much stay away from production techniques.

While there are plenty of definitions of what an explainer video for your WordPress business is my take is that it is a mix between a pure marketing piece and a how-to demonstration. My definition is not like most you’ll see.

This is hardly all the advice I can give about explainer videos. Contact me if you want to discuss your project in more detail.

1. Use Voice-Over Audio

Don’t even think of making an explainer video without narration. You will lose some of your audience who (like me who is visually impaired) need the guidance of a speaker to explain what is being shownor demonstrated.

The human voice is an essential element of a superior explainer video. The speaker’s voice must be clear and easily understood.

If you speak with an accent consider using an AI-generated voice which can do an adequate job.

Also, make sure the soundtrack contains no superfluous sounds and that the speaker does not utter any “ums”, “ahs” or similar pause words.

Even though it’s called “video” a poor soundtrack will ruin your efforts to produce an explainer video for your WordPress business

2. Do Not Use Distracting Background Audio

If you think background music that is loud or distracting played throughout the video is cool you might want to think about losing that idea. Music or sound is fine if done in small amounts for intros and outros but that is about it.

You can use music or sound before a speaker talks but not while the narrator is speaking.

3. Stick To Your Branding

Let your explainer video do more than explain. It should be consistent with your branding.

This goes beyond a logo and art direction. Think of creating a sounder intro and/or outdo that identifies your brand with the plainer video.

Also, keep an ear out for the tone of voice used in the video. Does it represent who you are or what you wish to be?

4. Use Subtitles

It’s now easier than ever to make and use Subtitles for your video. This provides a synchronized text overlay for all spoken content.

You will appeal to a more inclusive audience when you provide Subtitles. This will benefit:

  • Non-native English-speakers
  • The Hard of Hearing
  • Those in an environment that is noisy or does not allow audio
  • People without speakers

5. Make Sure There Is No Visual Distortion

Since most explainer videos have text to display it’s critical to ensure that your text will not get distorted no matter what resolution or platform the video is played on.

For example, a best practice would be to record a browser’s text while in full-screen mode.


It all depends on who you ask but IMHO the answer is “no.”

In either case, you must be clear and concise. Think of telling a story that has a beginning, middle, and end.

Explain the benefits of your WordPress service, plugin or theme.

First impressions are critical and if you mess this up your audience will leave. 

Start your video with a compelling hook to capture the viewers’ attention immediately. Use captivating visuals, engaging animations, or an intriguing statement to pique their interest.

Don’t be afraid to do or say something unexpected to get and hold your audience’s attention.