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9 Things To Check Before Launching Your New Website

I’ve seen more than a client or two get the site-launch jitters just as it’s time to reveal their web site for all the world to see. Usually, the problem is that the client is concerned that the site is not perfect. As it has been said by others, “Don’t let perfection be the enemy … Read more

Getting Ready To Retire? Make Your Dream Website With WordPress

WordPress, the worlds; most popular Content Management System, is also ideal to make a website if you’re not retired but are 55+ and getting there. You’ve always had a great idea for all the world to see. Maybe it’s a small online store, a blog, or a learning site (like this one). You keep saying, … Read more

4 Things To Do To Speed Up The Process Of Building A New Website

Whether or not they say it aloud, clients are always thinking, “When is my web site going to be finished?” Or sometimes it comes out a little harsher as in, “What’s taking so damn long to make this thing?” Assuming there is not a drop dead deadline, anyone who works with me knows I never … Read more

How To Safeguard Your WordPress Website

Every WordPress website – no matter how much or little traffic it gets – is vulnerable to threats which can do great harm. I know that sounds terrifying but fortunately there are a lot of simple things to do to keep your site safe and secure. Just burying your head in the sand is not … Read more