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what is a mega menu? an illustration

On Mega Menus And Why They Must Die

Recently a client asked me for my perspective on mega menus. Their organization has a site with hundreds of pages.  A mega menu was being considered as an excellent way for users to access deep content compared to the standard drop-down menu. What is a mega menu? Here are some screenshots. Want More Of This?

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rocket ship illustration

What To Check Before Launching Your New Web Site

I’ve seen more than a client or two get the site-launch jitters just as it’s time to reveal their web site for all the world to see. Usually, the problem is that the client is concerned that the site is not perfect. As it has been said by others, “Don’t let perfection be the enemy

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Brain Dead Seo - simgple tings to do to improve page ranking

Brain Dead SEO

If you’re doing nothing – or next to nothing – about optimizing your pages for search, you’re really missing out on making them more likely to be found on Google and other search engines.

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