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To Future Media Concepts Students Taking My Build Your Online Store With WordPress Online Class – This Is For You!eo.

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Class Dates 2021

  • March 4 and 5
  • September 16 and 17
  • November  11 and 12

All classes will begin at 10AM ET sharp. We’ll have a one hour lunch break and 2 15 minute breaks each day. Class will end at 5:30 PM.

What You Will Need For This Class

Not much.

I will provide you with a WordPress WooCommerce site to practice what you learn.

Eventually you will need your own web hosting service to set up your site. The choice of a web host for an eComerce site is an important one. I recommend that you consider WP Engine, so let me tell you more about this service.


I’m not big on the syllabus thing, but if you need one, here you go. I reserve the right to change things up though because I am always learning new things and I don’t like to stick to a strict agenda.

The WooGuitars Site

For demo purposes I will be building this WooGuitars site. It has many of the capabilities you can make with WooCommerce features and uses only a free themes and plugins.

Themes Used For the WooGuitars Site

These are the free themes from WooThemes used in this class and the WooGuitars site.

  • Parent Theme – Storefront
  • Child Theme – Boutique

Plugins Used For the WooGuitars Site

  • Akisment
  • BackWPup
  • Easy Columns
  • Hide Title
  • Homepage Control
  • Post Type Order
  • Regenerate Thumbnails
  • Shortcodes Widget
  • Storefront Site Logo
  • WooCommerce (yeah, it’s just a plugin)
  • WooCommerce Customizer
  • WooCommerce Admin Bar Addition

Course Material

Download this zip file which contains the images I used to build the WooGuitars site.


The net is choking with a gazillion WordPress and WooCommerce resources. Here are a few that I picked for you and that I use too.


I’ve got my favoriate articles to help you with your Woo site.

Regenerating Images

Sooner or later, you’ll get tripped up on how Woo uses images and the need to regenerate thumbnails. Here is a video that explains it all.

WooCommerce Extensions

For this class here are a few good Woo extensions. I won’t necessarily use or demo these but you might like to give any one of these a try. WooCommerce itself is a plugin so the plugins to it are called “extensions.”

* = a commercial plugin (meaning they cost moolah).

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