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Bud Kraus, WordPress Instructor, holding up the WordPress logo.

I’m Bud Kraus and I’ve been here forever and that picture over there is good evidence of that.

I’m very active in the WordPress communities of New York City and New Jersey. I’m here to help people learn WordPress so that new opportunities open to them.

Since 1998, I’ve taught web design then WordPress to thousands in New York City and beyond. Whether I did it in class or online, I’ve instructed people from over 80 countries. What an honor!

At first it was (and still is) about teaching best practices through the use of web design standards. Then, in 2009 it was WordPress. I saw that I could teach anyone how to make and manage wonderful web sites without needing to know code.

In 2017, after years of classroom and webinar instruction I started to take the best of what I knew and created the free WP A To Z Series. I take you step by step and build a site from (spoiler alert) A to Z.

Then people starting asking me to work on their WP sites and off I went offering Services to do what they wanted me to do.

Whether you take my WordPress training or have me work with you on your site you’re going to get max attention. How do I manage this?

I don’t over promise.

As you can see. I teach and I make. Both of these reinforce and nuture what I know about WordPress which benefits you.


I don’t just teach, I do.

I’ve had a wide range of experiences from project manager to new site creator to consultant and everything in between.

But my specialty is taking an old, beaten up and battered web site and breathe new life into its purpose and functionality with WordPress.

Have a look at the short list of site redesigns I’ve done.

Core Competencies

I have extensive experience with all of the following:

  • Custom Styling
  • Gutenberg and Elementor Page Builders
  • SEO
  • WooCommerce
  • Gravity Forms
  • Plugin Search and Selection
  • MailChimp
  • LearnDash
  • Site Migration
  • Writing


It’s safe to say that over 4,000 people have learned web design and WordPress from me in-class and online for the past 20 years.

I’ve taught web designers, writers, graphic artists, librarians, programmers, multi-media artists, hobbyists, career changers, and one belly dancer!!

It all started just after the Earth cooled when I first felt the need to show people how to code HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make web sites for large corporations and for student-designers at Pratt Institute in New York City.

In addition to Pratt, I been on the faculties of Fashion Institute of Technology and Third Wad where my focus was WordPress instruction.

In recent years I have taught online for Future Media Concepts, a technology training company.

As an active member in the WordPress Community I’ve presented many WordPress demonstrations in the New York City area and have spoken at many WordCamps (WordPress Conferences).

I’ve been an early advocate of adult online education creating many online web design courses like my WordPress A to Z and How To WordPress. Both are free and have been used by over 1,500 people.

If learning live with me is what you prefer check out

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