Meet Bud Kraus

Bud Kraus, WordPress Instructor, holding up the WordPress logo.

I’m Bud Kraus and I’ve been here forever and this picture is pretty good evidence of that.

Since 1998, I’ve taught web design and WordPress to thousands in New York City and beyond. Whether I did it in class or online, I’ve instructed people from over 80 countries. What an honor!

At first it was (and still is) about teaching best practices through the use of web design standards. Then, in 2009 it was WordPress. I saw that I could teach anyone how to make and manage wonderful web sites without needing to know code.

After all, WP is like a fancy Word processor. And you know how to use a Word processor so you’re already on your way, That’s just one reason why it’s called WordPress.

In 2017, after years of classroom and webinar instruction I started to take the best of what I knew and created the free WP A To Z Series. I take you step by step and build a site from (spoiler alert) A to Z.

Then people starting asking me to work on their WP sites and off I went offering Services to do what they wanted me to do.

Whether you take my WordPress training or have me work with you on your site you’re going to get max attention. How do I manage this?

I don’t over promise.

My Training Experience

Teacher at black board

I’ve got a ton of web design training experience that goes with my passion.

When you take my classes you’ll be benefiting from more than my desire to see that you learn how to build web sites. You’ll be getting the results of my extensive training experience – and more – which started shortly after the Earth cooled.

I’ve been on the Faculties of Well Known Schools in New York City

Pratt, FIT

It’s where I perfected the ways I teach Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and WordPress.

  • I’m on the faculty of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Continuing and Professional Studies Center. I teach web design courses online and in class for FIT.
  • I’ve been on the faculty of Pratt Institute’s Continuing Education and Professional Studies. I’ve been teaching HTML And Web Design, Accessible Web Design, and Great Web Design With CSS Classes at Pratt since 2000.
  • I taught HTML, CSS and WordPress at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, New York. It was the coolest place around to learn and to teach in.

I’ve created and taught my courses for online and in-class training

These are some of the many other classroom and online settings I’ve taught HTML, CSS and WordPress in:

  • In corporate settings – Goldman Sachs and Citibank
  • For the clients of private businesses, such as Future Media Concepts
  • To adult education classes, people with disabilities, kids, seniors, and everyone else in between

I’ve taught web designers, writers, graphic artists, librarians, programmers, multi-media artists, hobbyists, career changers, and one belly dancer!!

I’ve lectured on web design in educational and trade association settings.

Here’s a few of the places where I’ve presented my lectures.

  • At WordCamp NYC 2016 I presented “Lessons Learned: Considerations For Teaching Your Clients WordPress.”

  • For The Graphic Artists Guild, I’ve presented "The Electronic Canvas: Web Designer Beware!!" and "Why Bother With Web Design Standards?"
  • For library cooperatives of New Jersey I’ve presented "How To Fix Your Web Site: A Seven Step Recovery Program"
  • For Jupiter Communications, Baruch College, Girl Scouts Of America, Museum Of Modern Art, and New York Public Library, I’ve presented "Accessibility
    Unplugged: Some Practical Advice About Making Web Content Work For Everyone, Everywhere."

I’ve worked on many web projects, from Online Producer to Web Master.

These are a few of my previous positions:

  • Director of Online Communications – WNYE, Channel 25, New York City Board Of Education’s Broadcast Facility
  • Markup Specialist – (An AOL/Doubleday joint venture)
  • Webmaster for C & S International Insurance Brokers, National Association For Visually Handicapped, and New York Women In Film And Television.