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Bluehost Is An Ideal WordPress Web Host If You're On A Shoe String Budget

Bluehost, a long time and well known web  hosting company, offers affordable solutions to host your WordPress web site.

In t tis video explains the basics of how web sites work and the role that web hosting companies, like Bluehost, play in the process.

Note: I get a small, one time commission for referring you to Bluehost. Don't worry. This won't increase the price you pay for their service.

Why I Like Bluehost

They are affordable and competitively priced

You get all of these services with one company:

  • Web Hosting
    Install as many WordPress sites as you like.
  • Email
    Set up and manage as many email accounts – such as – as you need.
  • Domain Name Registration
    Register and manage all your .coms, .orgs and .sites as needed.
  1. I have been recommending Bluehost for years to students and clients. The feedback I get is all good.
  2. They have great phone support.
  3. Their user interface to set up and manage your account is well thought out.
  4. Their technology is excellent. Your site will stay online and perform well even with their popular shared hosting plan.

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