Joy of WP

How To Write Original Content And Beat AI While Doing It

/short It’s getting hard to write anything new these days. The truism that “there’s nothing new under the sun” is as true as it has ever been. Maybe it’s just me coming to terms with reality. Let’s not despair. It is the start of a new year and hope springs eternal. See what I mean. … Read more

Podcast Appearances

Since I have a face for radio the next best place for me to show up is on a podcast. Here are some that I’ve had the pleasure to do either as a guest, guest host or when an article of mine was read in a podcast. Do The Woo WP Coffee Talk The SDM … Read more

Videos I’ve Made About WordPress

What’s here? For the last of these, I have developed a process that starts with notes and ends in post-production for every video I make. GoDaddy InstaWP Gutenberg Times Learn WordPress WordCamps WP Builds MeetUps

Thoughts On The WordPress Community And Why It Is Successful

Recently I was looking into what make the WordPress Community so effective. Lots of companies would love to have anything like the WP Community as the power behind their offerings. After some diligent Googling around and a little chat with ChatGPT I didn’t find much that would explain why the WordPress Community is successful by … Read more

Articles I’ve Written For WordPress Businesses

Here’s a current list of the articles I have written for WordPress businesses and organizations. Tutorials, news and advice are some of my sweet spots. I’m always interested in writing something that I learn about as I write. GoDaddy Smashing Magazine Hostinger Torque WP RealEstate HeroPress

WordCamp Europe 2023 – A Sensational Experience

With WC EU now a bit in the rearview mirror I’ve had some time to reflect on what may have been a life-changing event. If it’s possible, I am more connected now to the WordPress Project and the WP Community than ever before. How could I not be? The WP Community was something I have … Read more

They Picked Me To Speak At WordCamp Europe 2023? Really?

A couple of years ago I was watching a live stream from Paris. It was WordCamp Europe 2017. Or maybe it was WordCamp 2018 from Belgrade? Or maybe, WC EU coming from Berlin? Looking back, it doesn’t really matter. All I thought was, “Wouldn’t it be cool to go to WordCamp Europe one day?” Anywhere … Read more

9 Things To Check Before Launching Your New Website

I’ve seen more than a client or two get the site-launch jitters just as it’s time to reveal their web site for all the world to see. Usually, the problem is that the client is concerned that the site is not perfect. As it has been said by others, “Don’t let perfection be the enemy … Read more

Getting Ready To Retire? Make Your Dream Website With WordPress

WordPress, the worlds; most popular Content Management System, is also ideal to make a website if you’re not retired but are 55+ and getting there. You’ve always had a great idea for all the world to see. Maybe it’s a small online store, a blog, or a learning site (like this one). You keep saying, … Read more